The Chill Pill Playlist…

Chill Pill - Like a lion resting on rocks.

When I was a teen, “take a chill pill” was a common lexicon. Circa 1992, if someone said this to you, a) they were probably annoyed and/or aggravated with you, and b) you probably needed to mellow out. As an adult, I recognize more than ever that sometimes we need to take a chill pill. Sometimes we need to just check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.. We need to relax, close our eyes, and listen to some mellow music. I can’t help you with the relax and close your eyes part – that’s on you. I can, however, help you with the mellow music!

This playlist – if you haven’t guessed yet – is all about chilling out. This playlist – if you let it – will take you to distant stars, new dimensions, and realities that only exist in dreams. Again – all you have to do is relax and close your eyes. So take a chill pill with this playlist. Maybe you’ll want to crawl into bed, maybe you’ll want to plug in your headphones – that’s your business. All I ask is that you’re comfortable. Also – you probably should avoid driving or using heavy machinery. 


Did that chill pill take effect?

Doctor’s warning: This effects of this chill pill should last for approximately an hour and a half. Feel free to double or triple the dose if you need to. Again – this may cause drowsiness, so be careful while using heavy machinery.

All kidding aside – I really do hope this “chill pill” gave you a nice, relaxing hour and a half. After last week’s punk rock theme, I feel this serves as a good palette cleanser. This week, you’ll want to stay tuned, as the main essay will reveal a few rather embarrassing stories about me! Yes, I tell all, and you will laugh at me. Get excited! Follow AudioPerfecta on Twitter and Facebook, and never miss an article again! See you in a couple days!

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