Songs of Remorse

I’m sorry. That is the theme of this week’s playlist. I’m sorry, I apologize, I even lament. For what exactly? Well – I really don’t know, but I’m sorry anyway. To make things right, I bring you this week’s playlist – Songs of Remorse.

Ok, let’s back up. I don’t actually have anything to apologize for. As I was making last week’s playlist (Broken Hearts – Songs for Break-Ups), I kept finding songs about apologizing. It just made sense to make a follow-up playlist featuring apology songs. After a break-up, one oftentimes apologizes (and even makes things right) with their significant other. A week of saying I’m sorry seems like a great way to follow up a week of fighting and anger.

Songs of Remorse features a variety of artists. Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, and Chicago provide soft rock/adult contemporary songs. Nirvana and The Foo Fighters provide an alternative sound. Bruno Mars and Boyz II Men represent R&B. We even get a few comical songs by the likes of Barenaked Ladies, They Might Be Giants and Wesley Willis. Whatever your genre, you’ll find the perfect song to say I’m sorry to that special someone in your life. Good thing too, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

I guess I’m not sorry. I do not apologize for this week’s playlist. However, I do hope you enjoy Songs of Remorse.

Songs of Remorse

More Songs of Remorse

Does anyone else get a little sad when listening to the Beatles? They really were more than the sum of their parts. It makes me sorry I never got to see them. Granted, I was not even on this Earth when they were around. I was five when John was murdered. My mom, however, did get to see The Beatles on August 22, 1965.

What does this have to do with anything? About a year after my mom saw the fab four, they released what I believe to be their best album – Revolver. I’m far from the only one who holds this opinion. Is the overall general love of Revolver deserved? Or is Revolver one of the most overhyped albums of all time? I examine the entirety of Revolver, track by track. So come back this Friday as I give The Beatle’s Revolver a Retro Music Review.

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