Ladytron’s Playgirl

Ladytron will release a new album this year! I was part of the Pledgemusic campaign, and I am extremely excited. In preparation for the new album, I’ve recently listened to every Ladytron album. This made me remember a theory: In many Ladytron songs, appears a reoccurring character – the Playgirl. Ladytron portrays the character as …

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It Will Get Loud!

This playlist will make you want to scream/sing into a hairdryer. Why? Because it will get loud! Turn your hifi up to eleven, it’s time to rock! Featuring songs by Foo Fighters, Joan Jett, The White Stripes, Great White, Chicago, Bad Religion, The Cranberries, and more!

Coming back to the Surface – One Hit Wonders Part Two

Yesterday I posted a playlist exploring second and third tier songs from supposedly one hit wonders. Today, as promised, I’m posting the songs said one hit wonders are known for. Yes, we dove deep yesterday, but today we’re coming up for air. Today, we’re exploring the surface. Awesome-Sauce! One hit wonders hold a special place …

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Playlist – Dive Deeper into One Hit Wonders

What I want to focus on with this playlist – what about those other songs from these musicians? Rarely does any given recording artist put out one song, and one song only. Sometimes these bands even find their way into the limelight for the rest of their careers – but really only has that one hit (Devo comes to mind). About the songs: Some of these songs are old favorites of mine – Science Fiction by the Divynls comes to mind. Diving Deeper into one hit wonders is great, but what about the one hit wonders themselves? To dive deep, one must go through the surface waters. I was afraid of posing a second playlist in this article, as readers might get confused – and thus miss the first playlist. Besides, if I tell you to come back tomorrow for part two, that means more visitors to AudioPerfecta.

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