Political and Social Angst: Angry Songs Vol. II

Last week I brought to you a playlist of angry songs. This week, I bring to you another playlist of angry songs. What theme separates these playlists? Last week’s playlist focused on a “general” anger. This week’s playlist, focuses on a more specific anger – an anger which comes from Political and Social angst.

This week’s songs focus on injustices. Political and Social Angst: Vol. II focuses on topics such as The Vietnam War, racism, sexism, censorship, police brutality, and totalitarianism. I tried to include as many injustices as I possibly could. Having said that – I can’t contain all the world’s injustices to one playlist, so there’s many issues I wasn’t able to include. Does that make you mad? Does that make you angry? Then write a freaking song about it! Seriously, if you do, I will happily put it on my next angry playlist -but I digress.

Political and Social Angst: Angry Songs Vol. II, like Angry Songs Vol. I, includes some very NSFW language. I include such genres as Punk, Gangsta Rap, and Industrial, and angry hippy songs. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PLAYLIST AT WORK OR AROUND SENSITIVE EARS!!! Or if you do – no that consequences might include losing your job and pissing off grandma.

Artists on Political and Social Angst: Vol. II include NWA, Flogging Molly, The Dead Kennedys, The Beatles, Crosby Still, Nash, and Young, NIN, Peter Gabriel, REM, Public Enemy, Black Flag, and many more!

This playlist dedicated to Bushwick Bill of Geto Boys. RIP.

Looking past political and social angst!

What do you do with your political anger? What do you do when you feel an injustice occurs? I’m generally curious. Let me know by tweeting @audioperfecta #politicalangst.

Later this week, we examine a song that has its own share of injustice. The Beatle’s Helter Skelter, once interpreted by a crazy madman, still rocks and I’ll show you why with different covers of the song. Come back Friday and find out which covers I include.

Finally, I leave you with this song? Remix? Or whatever you might call it. It’s basically a bunch of George W Bush quotes strung together to make it appear like he’s singing “Give Peace A Chance.” I wanted to include “Imagine This” on this week’s playlist – but I can’t find it on Spotify. Booo!

Political and Social Angst Vol. II
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