Angry Songs – Volume 1

Last week, while putting together my 90s depressing mix, I noticed something. Several of the songs I wanted to use, while depressing, were also angry. There were chants of injustice, cries about heartbreaks, and just good old fashioned screaming about the state of the world. It became very clear to me that I needed a separate playlist for angry songs. After all, angry songs, even if they are depressing, have a different tone than your simple, run of the mill depressing song. Sure – in the Venn diagram of emotions, anger and depression have a bit of an overlap, and even a few grey areas – but the two emotions also have their own unique traits. You can be angry without being depressed, and you can be depressed without being angry.

As I move from decade specific playlists, angry songs features songs from six separate decades. Sure, 90s anger anthems, such as “You Oughta Know” and “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” make an appearance – the core songs were birthed out of a 90s playlist after all. Despite that, I also include older songs such as “Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones and “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone” by the Monkees. I also include some newer tracks, such as “I’ll Make You Sorry” by Screaming Females, and “Rain in Soho” by The Mountain Goats. Angry songs features songs from several different genres. We have pop, punk, metal, hard rock, alternative, and so much more.

Finally, please note – as these songs are angry, they may include NSFW language. So don’t listen to this playlist in front of sensitive ears. And if you must listen to this playlist at work, I suggest headphones.


Do you want more angry songs?

Folks. you might notice a lack of political anger songs on this playlist. Fear not – I have a special playlist coming next week that covers political anger. I had so many angry songs, that I felt the two should be divided into a “general” anger and a “political” anger list. So if you’re angry because of social injustice, stay that way till next week. Actually, maybe tone it down for a few days, as anger affects your health.

Later this week, look forward to another band exploration. This time I examine Muse, who I have never really listened to before. Will I like Muse? Will I hate Muse? Maybe I’ll praise Muse’s music like I did with Mastodon? Maybe I’ll mock it like I did with Nickelback. There’s only one way to find out – come back on Friday!

Angry Songs!
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