Bring me a theoretical higher love.

Steve Winwood, presumingly playing Higher Love
Ever since I first heard Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love,” I’ve had an issue with the song; It’s kind of demanding. Higher Love is a good song mind you, but the whole concept of the song relies on Winwood getting his “higher love,” and getting it now!

Ok, let’s back up for a minute he’s saying that he doesn’t want to waste time on a shallow love. Winwood wants to go deeper into his love for his partner. That is admirable. Then again, as Mariah Carrey reminded us a four years later, Love Takes Time! It’s not something you can just jump into – you have to work hard for this higher love. Yet the entire chorus of Winwood’s song is “Bring me a higher love! Bring Me a higher love! whoa-oh! Bring me a higher love! Where’s the higher love I keep thinking of?” It’s like Mr Winwood is a protester, chanting his demands: What do we want? Higher Love! When do we want it? Now!

Actually, strike that – he’s not a protester. Mr Winwood is actually asking for some figgy pudding! He’s adding a verse to the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas!” So bring us some Higher love, we won’t go until we get some!” I’ve always thought that song was demanding as well.

Ok, ok, maybe I’m being a little too hard on Winwood here. Again, a higher love is something that is an admirable goal. I will also concede that he and his partner have probably been together for quite some time, and perhaps demanding that their relationship grows isn’t too out of line. Then again, the whole thing is based on theoretical concept! The first line of the song is “Think about it, there must be higher love.” Winwood doesn’t even know if said higher level of love actually exist, or even what said higher love looks like! Come on man! You can’t demand you and your partner pursue a higher love if you don’t even know what said higher love looks like or even feels like! Heck, you might not even like it! You might end up writing another song – I want to go back to the lower love!

Alright, maybe I’m over analyzing this whole “Higher love” concept. We always can go “higher” in any relationship. I will say that it does bring up images of leveling up in a video game, and that’s not exactly healthy to think about in terms of romantic relationships – but that’s my own issue. By the way, Mr. Winwood – if you’re reading this – please don’t take offense. I’m just making a joke at your expense – so I hope you (ahem) roll with it. For the rest of you, enjoy this live version of Higher Love.


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