Are we there yet? A playlist for road trips.

Summer is coming. The days are getting longer, the nights are getting warmer. Pretty soon you’ll be driving to the coast for a day trip, or maybe hauling the family off across country on an epic voyage to Dinseyland/world/universe. There’s several things you’ll need for your voyage, and while I can’t help you with most of those things, I can help you with one: the music!

I’ve put together a road trip playlist, just for you and your family. While it might not quell the screams of “Are we there yet? How much further?” from the backseat, it’ll give your mind another sound to concentrate upon.

A few words of note: This playlist is explicit content free. Little ears will not hear any objectionable words. Also, while the purpose of is to bring light to music you probably don’t know, I did go with a more “yeah, I know that song” approach on this specific playlist. You’re supposed to be driving, so….you need to concentrate on the road and not the cool new song I just played for you.

Safe travels, and tell Mickey Mouse I said hi!