The 45th Parallel

Today I celebrate 45 successful orbits of the sun on this planet. During those 45 years, I’ve lived about 45 minutes from the 45th parallel: halfway between the Equator and the North Pole. What does that mean for this playlist? Not much, but an interesting fact nonetheless. What I will tell you about this playlist, it has 45 songs. Each song was hand picked from the top ten charts of the week including December 10th. We start with the number one song when I was born: Kung Fu Fighting. Yes….it does not really hold a woke position in today’s society….but it’s still a fun song.

Making this playlist really showed me how much my musical tastes ebbed and flowed in my 45 years. During the 80s, choosing between the top ten songs was hard! I almost wanted to pick two. Still, starting with the year 2000, and escalating from there, choosing a song from the top ten (on my birth week) was nearly impossible! I recognized fewer and fewer songs. I often times only chose a song because I recognized it as being iconic, even though I don’t much care for the song (Fireworks by Katy Perry and Single Ladies by Beyoncé comes to mind). This year (2019) was the hardest yet! I cheated, and just chose something from The New Pornographer’s new album. My list, my rules darnit! Regardless, it feels like top 40 music has changed for the worse now. Maybe I’m old, or maybe I’m right.

Whatever. Happy Birthday to me. Enjoy the 45th Parallel!

The 45th Parallel

North of the 45th Parallel

From Whoville to the North Pole….we’re heading north of the 45th for the rest of the Holiday season! Actually, where is Whoville again? Isn’t that on Horton’s flower or something? Where is Horton? Whatever, that doesn’t matter. What does matter, is this week’s featured article will feature a cover vs original on that holiday classic….You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch! Yes, the likes of Thurl Ravenscroft will go against everyone from kd lang to CeeLo Green to Jim Carrey to….well, you’ll just have to come back on Friday and find out!

And don’t forget, from here to Christmas is all Christmas music. Keep up with this year’s fun, and last year’s fun with by bookmarking the Holiday Fun! category. Now if you’ll excuse me, birthday festivities await! Here’s to 45 more!

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