Boo! A Very, Scary, Halloween Playlist.

Are you scared? You should be….it’s time for the first ever AudioPerfecta Halloween Playlist. Halloween – so many dear children, dressed in costumes, begging for treats. Oh so unaware of the horrors – that lurk just beyond the shadows. Ready to pounce upon the….ok, ok, I’m scaring even myself here! Again, here’s the Halloween Playlist. …

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Instrumentals for Everyone.

I put so much emphasis on lyrics, that today I want to focus on instrumentals. Sometimes we need to forget about words – and just let our brains absorb the music – let the meaning of the music really hit our soul. Feel the rhythm, the guitars, dulcimers, drums, bass, keyboards, and whatever other instrument …

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Symphonic Metal Sampler

Classical and Heavy metal music, at first glance, appear as fully opposite styles. Classical sounds gentle, and yet complex. Metal on the other hand sounds loud and perhaps a bit banal. Classical draws the ears of the elite, and metal draws a less refined ear. However, some bands have found these two seemingly opposite genres …

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