Boo! A Very, Scary, Halloween Playlist.

A halloween Playlist to spook you the spook out!

Are you scared? You should be….it’s time for the first ever AudioPerfecta Halloween Playlist. Halloween – so many dear children, dressed in costumes, begging for treats. Oh so unaware of the horrors – that lurk just beyond the shadows. Ready to pounce upon the….ok, ok, I’m scaring even myself here!

Again, here’s the Halloween Playlist. This playlist clocks in at over 3 hours and almost 50 songs, making it the longest playlist I’ve done to date. This playlist ranges from the horrific to the fun, from the terrorizing to the terrific. We have artists from several genres. Heavy metal, novelty songs, pop classics – even TV theme songs. Metallica, Weird Al, The Cranberries, The Oak Ridge Boys, and so many other artists. You’ll get a diverse and scary good time with this playlist. Just remember – if a song scares you too much, you can always hit next. I won’t think any less of you….

Happy Halloween, and enjoy the playlist! And don’t let that big, black spider behind you bite you too hard. Mwahahahahaha…..

The Dead Have Risen….and they want another Halloween Playlist!

Well – guess what – they may have to wait awhile. You only get one Halloween Playlist a year, and even that’s being generous. In fact – I feel as though I’ve used my A material in this playlist – so I might have to recycle it next year!

Oh, but don’t worry – we are working on other Halloween related things. Firstly – while there will not be another Halloween Playlist, there will be a creepy songs playlist. Secondly, as mentioned in my last playlist, I am also writing an article on a fictional serial murderer – “Mack the Knife.” Seriously – that song is creepy as anything, but you’ll have to wait till I publish that song later this week.

Some other news – I am launching a new blog on December 1st. Don’t worry, AudioPerfecta will not suffer as this will be a fictional history blog. But you should  check it out – I’ve already gotten a subscription list set up as well as social media pages – so feel free to join those and get all the latest news.

Happy Halloween, and be safe, secure…and just tell yourself – there’s no such thing as ghosts.

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