Punk Rock for All

If you’re not a fan of punk, I don’t blame you. Punk can be loud, annoying, and very insistent. Punk usually just doesn’t give a “crap” about the opinions of the masses – you either get punk, or you don’t. That 70s Show called Punk “…the nihilistic outcry against the corporate rock and roll takeover.” Punk has never been a genre for the masses. Still, punk is a fun and important genre, if you can get past the brash and unapologetic nature of the music. Well, where does one start? That’s where I come in. This week’s playlist, Punk Rock for All, focuses on several punk songs that will give you a good starting point!

With this playlist, I tried to focus less on the screaming vocals, nihilistic outcries, and “I don’t give a ___ ” attitudes often found in punk rock. However, this is punk rock, so there’s going to be a little of these attitudes. Regardless, the songs I picked are mostly easy on the ears. You’ll recognize several names on this list. The Ramones, Joan Jett, Green Day, The Clash, Black Flag, The Stooges, and Blondie. Of course, there are also a few punk mainstays such as Dead Kennedys, Against Me!, Screaming Females, and Pennywise. And while I tried to make this playlist easy on the ears, I tried to avoid pop-punk and third-wave ska. While I have no objection to the subgenre, I wanted to dive into punk proper. So, while you’ll hear bands like The Offspring and MXPX, but I tried to keep those offerings from the early, pre-sell out err pop-punk days.

Crank up your speakers, and enjoy Punk Rock for All!

Punk Rock for All

Did Punk Rock for All change your mind about punk?

I fancy myself as kind of a musical evangelist. I want everyone to enjoy the music I enjoy. And of course, I want people to be moved by the music that moves me. So, hopefully, this playlist helped convince you that punk rock can be listenable. But maybe you’re still on the fence. May I suggest a cover of punk covers? Or maybe a playlist dedicated entirely to women in punk?

In site news, despite my promises, there hasn’t been a new featured article in several weeks. Fear not though, I’ve got an article mostly written. It should get published in about a week, so hang tight. It’s coming! Also on the featured article front, I can’t make any promises, but my work schedule has changed a little, and I should have a little more time for writing. I really want to get back to publishing a featured article every other week. Fingers crossed!

Until next time, rock on, and rocksteady!

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