A Playlist of My Favorite Songs.

A playlist of my favorite songs.

Folks, today is my birthday. I promised last week to publish a playlist of my favorite songs. Well….this turned out to be quite the challenge. After all, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of so many songs, and so many of these songs are near and dear to my heart. Originally I envisioned maybe 30 songs at the most. Hah! choosing a playlist of my favorite songs and narrowing it down to those numbers is my equivalent to Sophie’s Choice! 

So yeah – this list is at 101 songs. I could have easily made it longer, but I did put a few stipulations in place. Firstly, I put a one song per artist on this list. Some bands, U2, They Might be Giants, and The New Pornographers for instance, could easily be represented by over ten songs a piece if I didn’t have this restriction. However, I will say that I don’t always represent each artist on the list with my favorite song by said artist. For instance – The Barenaked Ladies I represent with “The Old Apartment.” While I love that song, I actually like “I know” from the same album a little better – I just had reservations of all of you listening to this song and thinking – what the actual heck?

Another restriction – I tried to veer away from covers and live versions. There’s a few exceptions (does Brian Wilson’s version of “Good Vibration” count as a cover?). Still – most of my favorite songs are indeed originals.

Finally – I had to say enough. Seriously – I’ve got 101 songs here. Just thinking about it, I could have added a lot more. There’s no Queen, no Rolling Stones, and a dozen other missing artists. I had to call it quits at some point. 

One thing about listening to this list. I suggest you put the playlist of my favorite songs on shuffle mode. As this list is so long, I’ve not really thought about structure, flow, and continuity of the songs. The songs are, for the most part, in the order they were added to this list. 


If you want another playlist of my favorite songs…

Well – you’ll have to wait. Maybe I’ll do one next year, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry right now. For starters – I’m writing a bunch of – stuff for the holidays. Last week, I released a Original vs Cover article on “Do they Know it’s Christmas.” In a few days, I’ll release an article discussing several various versions of “Winter Wonderland,” and why they matter. And next week – well, you’ll just have to wait. I’ve also got a few special holiday playlists in the mix. If you want to see all of the festivities – just look for the “Holiday Fun!” category. 

Finally – there’s one more holiday article coming down the pipe – but this will arrive on fictionalpdx.com. I’m writing a fictional account of the red nose added to the famous  “White Stag / White Satin / Made in Oregon / Portland, Oregon”sign downtown. This will publish on December 20th. 

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me. If you happen to run into Meg White of The White Stripes, be sure to wish her a happy 44th as well. She’s actually the only celebrity I know that was born on the exact same day as myself. In honor of her – here’s “Seven Nation Army.”

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