Wild Wild Rock

Sometimes you just got to let loose, turn up the volume, and listen to some wild, wild rock and roll. Why? Well – I don’t really know. Maybe you had a tough day and need an escape. Maybe you want to party down. Or maybe just because! That’s why! It really isn’t any of my business, I’m, just the DJ. I’m just here to deliver whatever suits your mood. And yes, I do take requests. But I digress.

Wild rock covers a variety of subgenres and a myriad of performers. Primus will sing about John the Fisherman, Black Sabbath will make you Paranoid, and Cake will give you Thrills. Heck, U2 will even call you a MOFO – ok, ok, they’re not actually calling you a MOFO. But Artists such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Electric Six, The Flaming Lips, Ween, Les Claypool, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and more will get your funk out and get you getting funky. Yeah, you probably shouldn’t listen to this playlist while driving – I don’t want any accidents.

Enjoy Wild Wild Rock, and play it as loud as your environment allows.

Wild Wild Rock

Wild Rock is kind of an oxymoron

If you really think about it, rock and roll, by its very nature, is nothing but wild. It started out as a counter-culture movement that shook the foundations of society. Even today, it continues to rock the boat. So, this might be wild rock, but that’s the way rock should be.

What songs should go on next week’s playlist? Maybe something a little more pop-influenced? ABBA just put out a couple of new tracks, and I love them so much. Or maybe you want another rock mix – like another version of It Will Get Loud. Let me know in the comments if there’s something special you want to hear, and I might just play it for you.

That’s all I got for you this time. As always, rock on, and rock steady!

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