Songs for City Life

Living in the city can be exciting. There’s a lot to do, and always a fresh face to meet. Living in the city can also be scary. It gets cramped and dirty, and that fresh face you just met just pickpocketed your wallet. Yes, there are all kinds of arts, theater, and sports to be had in the city. There’s also shadiness, murder, and all matter of larcenies. I’ve lived in a city my entire life. At times its’ been great, at times it’s been – not so great. But be it the bad times or the good times, city life has been my life. That’s the inspiration for this week’s playlist, Songs for City Life.

Like I said, city life can be both bad and good – and the songs I chose for this playlist reflect this dichotomy. Songs such as Steppin’ Out by Joe Jackson and I’m in the Mood Again by Elvis Costello reflect the good parts of city life – a night on the town or the beautiful view of all the tall buildings downtown. There are also songs about living in despair and poverty, In the Ghetto by Elvis Presley and Soup is Good Food by Dead Kennedys. We get songs about just living life in the city, Common People by Pulp, Piazza New York Catcher by Belle and Sebastian. We also see the nefarious people who share the city – While the City Sleeps by MC 900 Ft. Jesus and Psycho Killers by Talking Heads. Again, the city can be a great place and an awful place.

I hope you enjoy this week’s playlist, Songs for City Life.

Songs for City Life

Did you like songs for city life?

Folks, I always appreciate suggestions. This week’s playlist was a last-minute effort, and, in all honesty, it’s a miracle I got it out at all. I came up with the concept last minute. So, your suggestions mean that in weeks like this, I can pick from a pool of ideas. That’s magic! So yeah, what would you like to hear next? Maybe another rock and roll playlist? Or perhaps another folk playlist? Whatever your preference, I want to hear them.

Until next time, rock on and rock steady!

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