Shiny Happy Music

I’m going through a dark time. Heck, I just published an article on my personal website about my struggles with grief. And honestly, I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. With that said, I’m a fairly optimistic person, so sometimes I like to look to brighter times. I like to think of good things that might happen, watch funny movies, pet my kitty, and listen to shiny, happy music. Considering the title of this playlist, I think you can tell which direction I’m heading. Yeah, so – prepare to smile, even if you’re crying.

In this week’s playlist, you’ll hear Bob Marley singing about Three Little Birds, and you’ll hear They Might Be Giants sing about a Birdhouse In Your Soul. James Brown Sings about Feeling Good, and The Human League sings about Fascination. The B-52s has some Good Stuff, and ABBA Still Has Faith in You. Prince, George Harrison, Buddy Holly, R.E.M., Katrina and the Waves, The 5th Dimension, Billy Joel, and more!

Shiny Happy Music will make you smile more than a root beer float!

Shiny Happy Music

ABBA is totally shiny happy music!

Holy crap, let me geek out a little. NEW FREAKING ABBA SONGS!!! It’s been 40 years people! And the new songs are good too! I included one in this playlist. The other will find its way into a future playlist. But wait, there’s more! There’s an entire album coming! Wow! Just wow! By the way, did you know Erasure did an EP of ABBA covers? I reviewed it several months back, so go check it out!

I’ve been saying I’ll write something long-form for this website for about two months now, but I really mean it this time! I’m challenging myself to take a couple or so hours a week to write. it might be during my shift at work, or maybe after my shift. But I have a ton of ideas and I need to get them out on (virtual) paper. So yeah! Look forward to that!

Until next time everyone, rock on and rock steady!

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