This Playlist is Magic!

It’s October. Halloween decorations are popping up all over the place. It’s the season of spooky fun, and magic is in the air. So to welcome the season, I’ve decided to dedicate a playlist to all things mystical. This Playlist is Magic is all about spells, potions, witches, and all that stuff. This week’s playlist will put you in the mood for the scariness that is Halloween. You’ll be ready when Jack Skeleton walks down the street this year. You’ll be ready for all the goblins pretending to be children, pretending to be princesses and superheroes and ghosts and goblins.

This week’s playlist features so many amazing songs. Steppenwolf will take you on a magic carpet ride, while The Beatles take you on a Magical Mystery Tour. Olivia Newton-John will tell you to believe in Magic, and Fleetwood Mac will tell you about the magical Rhiannon. David Bowie will tell you about the babe with the power, and The Atomic Fireballs will tell you about The Man with the Hex. The Who, The Police, Sammy Davis Jr., Heart, Santana, Cliff Richard, Nick Cave, Dave Seville, Donovan, and so many more – all singing about magic!

I hope you This playlist is magic! And I hope it helps you get ready for more scary fun in the month of October.

This Playlist is Magic!

This Playlist is Magic, but next week might be spooky!

Again, it’s October! So we’re going to have a lot of scary fun this month. Some of these months will be classically scary like I’ve done in years past. I might also include a playlist of modern terrors like I did a couple of years back. We’ll see what I’ve got in me. I also want to do a Cover vs Original, maybe of “This is Halloween.” No promises, but there are some great versions of the song out there! So stay tuned for that!

Until next week, Rock on and rocksteady!

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