True Terror! Songs for Halloween

Last year, I released a fun little halloween playlist, full of fun little Halloween songs. Everyone had a fun little time, and yet…somehow….something didn’t feel right. These songs were about ghosts and and werewolves and vampires….nothing we will really encounter. Nothing we should really fear. There was no true terror in last year’s halloween playlist.

Oh sure, I tried to remedy this lack of actual horror with another playlist, this time focussing on creepy things. Still….something was missing. Oh sure, songs about actual serial killers and other real life creepy things were indeed scary to real life us….but I knew I could do better.

This year, I bring you True Terror! Songs For Halloween. What separates this playlist from other Halloween playlists? I focus on realistic subjects we really actually fear. Getting punished for a crime you didn’t commit, war, the 911 terrorist attacks, suicide of a loved one, watching someone drown, environmental destruction….need I go on? Pure Terror! is NOT for the faint of heart. Only listen to this playlist if you want to get the everloving (bleep) scared out of you. Seriously…..some of the things mentioned in the songs give me nightmares – but isn’t that kind of the point of Halloween?

Get scared this Halloween with True Terror!

True Terror! A Playlist for Halloween.

Is that enough true terror for you?

Or….do you want more? Some of the most terrifying subjects can come from the most insignificant thing….like a song. Especially a pop song. This Friday, November 1st, you will know what I mean. Why? I examine a handful of annoying pop songs. I ask a simple question: are these songs truly that annoying. Spoiler alert…..some of them are! Some of these songs I examine are so annoying….you’ll want to forget you ever heard the accursed song.

Speaking of accursed songs….come check out on Thursday. Why? A special Halloween story about a killer pop song. A truly terrible Earworm that will melt your brain!

Speaking of worms…..there’s one more terrifying tale for you this Halloween. Go to, tomorrow, and read about the Giant Earthworms of the Willamette Valley. Yes….that is a real species – though the story is fictional. Still…it’ll scare you. Mwahahahahahaha!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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