Songs About Rock and Roll…Rock On!

Rock and roll! Obviously a favorite topic of mine. Why not? Rock music makes us feel good. Rock and roll makes us want to write songs – even songs about rock.  Sometimes these songs rock, sometimes these songs don’t rock – we’re not here to judge. What’s important is this – rock and roll rocks…and songs about rock rock as well. Rock your socks off while rocking out. Rock your….yeah….I’m done with this paragraph.

Getting back to songs about rock – this is the focus of this playlist. Some of these songs, in fact, most of these songs, do indeed rock. Still – there’s a few songs that don’t necessarily rock. There’s songs that follow a more R & B sound. There’s even a folk song or two in this playlist! Regardless – these songs are all love songs for my favorite genre of music. So while some of these songs might be less meta than the other songs, we will still rock these with all our might. Why? Because rock music will never die! Long live rock and roll!

I hope you enjoy this playlist. As with all my playlists, but especially with my playlists about rock music, please play this as loud as your environment allows. Just make sure you don’t damage your hearing. That would be bad.

Rock on!

Songs About Rock

One of theses songs about rock has a funny story….

Specifically – the song “Rock on” by David Essex. In 1989, I only knew the song because of a Michael Damian cover. As I heard the lines “Hey kid, rock and roll,” I somehow felt like this song was akin to a drug pusher. I was always told that rock and roll was “of the devil” and while I still loved it – I always felt guilty for listening to “secular” rock and roll. So yeah – Michael Damian, and before that, David Essex, basically said “Hey kid….want some rock and roll?” I felt like they offered me illegal drugs. Of course, my addiction to rock and roll started before, so I can’t blame them for getting me addicted to their “drug.” By the way, 30 years later – and I still feed this addiction to rock music. Whatever – there’s so many worse things that I could be addicted to. If rock and roll and caffeine are my only vices, I’m doing pretty darned well!

Speaking of rock music from the late 80s, my 30 year old dream of seeing Stryper live finally came true the other night! So amazing! In celebration of this mission coming to fruition, I wrote a Retro Music Review on the album “To Hell with the Devil.” I’ll publish this article tomorrow (one week after the concert). This article might serve as a jog down memory lane. Some of you might even feel inspired to wear yellow and black. Whatever – no judgement from me. Stay tuned and rock on! Rock and roll will never die!

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