Punk Rawk Covers!

Punk Rawk Covers! Including the cover the Ramones did of the Spiderman 67 theme.

Yesterday, I gave you an essay about Punk Covers. I talked about how the genre of punk rock (or rawk, if you prefer), lends itself to the concept of a cover. I gave several examples of punk rawk covers as well! It only feels natural to take those examples, and give you, my readers, a punk rawk covers playlist. 

This playlist will, of course, include the songs I mention in yesterdays article. This article will also explore other punk covers as well. Songs that follow the points I made yesterday, but for one reason or another, were not mentioned in the article even so. For the second time in a row, I must admit to not following my own rules on playlist. This playlist has two songs by the same artist, as well as two different versions of the same song! But who cares about rules? This playlist is about punk rawk! Rebellion and all!

Ok, Ok, punk rawk isn’t all about rebellion (though there’s certainly an element of rebellion). But I digress. Besides, as I said yesterday, I have not yet defined punk for the purposes of AudioPerfecta yet. That day might come – but for now, just involve this amazing collection of punk rawk covers! I usually say play this as loud as your environment allows, but this time, I say play it louder! Give the neighbors something to complain about.

Punk Rawk Covers Rock!

Are your ears bleeding yet? Please note that AudioPerfecta takes no responsibility for any music induced injuries, including but not limited to deafness, bleeding ears, whiplash to head banging – you get the picture. AudioPerfecta just gives you the music, and we hope that it rocks your day!

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