Songs About Rock and Roll…Rock On!

Will rock and roll ever die? Not if I have anything to do with it. Rock on with this playlist featuring songs about rock and roll. Play these songs as loud as your environment allows. Make sure to stick around after the playlist, as I share a humorous story about my early days of rocking out.

Television Rules the Nation.

Televison rules the Nation. This playlist features music from Daft Punk, Sleater-Kinney, The Arcade Fire, Alice In Chains, Frank Zappa, Weird Al, and so many more. Turn off your TV and turn on your hifi for this!

Ween is Weird, and That’s Ok!

Have you ever heard of the Band Ween? Have you ever wondered – what makes this band tick? Maybe you’ve listened to a few of their songs – only to find yourself lost in a sea of – What the heck is this? This article is here to help guide you into the wonderful world that is the Ween catalog. I’ll hold your hand, and guide you from the shallows and into the deeps. It’ll be a fun journey – so come on and take a swim!

A Musical Calm Bomb.

Ever wanted to yell “Calgon, take me away?” only you didn’t want to take a bath? Listen to this playlist. This is a musical calm bomb, made specifically to show the positjve, despite the negative. The Inspirational and the uplifting. I made this playlist to help you forget the rest of the world..

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