Music for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again. Time for friends and family to reunite and stuff yourself silly. Soon comes the day where we try to not talk about politics, but dang it, your uncle keeps making ignorant comments, so duty calls (relevant XKCD)! You know what, best put on some music and avoid conversation altogether. Ok, ok, don’t actually avoid conversation (though do try to avoid politics). However, you will still need some music for Thanksgiving. Maybe something with a little bit of everything….be it rock, jazz, country, even soul. Instead of spending hours upon hours trying to get the perfect playlist, AudioPerfecta has done all the heavy lifting for you (irrelevant XKCD).

This year’s Thanksgiving playlist, Music for Thanksgiving, has a little bit of everything. Rock, pop, soul, jazz, country, and everything in between. We have artists such as The Beatles, Sly and the Family Stone, Bing Crosby, Brian Wilson, Duran Duran, Patsy Cline, and more! Music for Thanksgiving combines songs about thankfulness, coming home, and of course, songs about food and eating – this is a Thanksgiving playlist after all! At two hours in length, Music for Thanksgiving should last as long as your Thanksgiving feast (and maybe more). Oh, and if you must argue politics, we include Alice’s Restaurant Massacree at the end, so yeah…have at it if you must (somewhat relevant XKCD).

As an added bonus, if you need music for cooking your Thanksgiving feast, we have you covered with that as well! Just fire up last year’s playlist: Let’s Get Cooking.

Happy Thanksgiving from AudioPerfecta!

Music for Thanksgiving

Music for Thanksgiving….and the rest of the holidays!

The day after Thanksgiving starts….the Christmas season! What does that mean to AudioPerfecta? Well, for starters…a bunch of Christmas music (relevant XKCD). We mean tons! For instance, this Friday’s article focuses on six albums perfect for starting your holiday season. Which albums, you won’t know if you don’t read – but there’s quite a diverse bunch represented. You will surely find at least one of the six to fit your holiday mood. This article, along with all the playlist, all of this year’s new articles, and even last year’s articles can be found in the “Holiday Fun” category. So bookmark that and keep hitting refresh (totally random XKCD).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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