A Very Merry Musical Christmas

Think of this week’s playlist as an audio Christmas card from AudioPerfecta to you. Be ye a subscriber, a regular reader, or just someone who happened to surf into this site, this playlist is our annual way of saying Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. A very Merry Musical Christmas might even be better than a normal Christmas card. You can’t enjoy a normal Christmas card while hosting a holiday party or driving to work, can you? When’s the last time you enjoyed a Christmas card while shopping for gifts? No, you’ve got your hands full trying to get the perfect gift! Oh, but you can enjoy A Very Merry Musical Christmas while shopping, driving, partying, and any other occasion that allows for music! Heck, you can even enjoy this playlist while working! Oh sure, this christmas card doesn’t come with personalized greetings – and so that’s a point for traditional cards. Then again, this isn’t a contest, so whatever.

A very merry musical Christmas features some of my favorite Christmas songs. From Christmas standards to original and new Christmas songs. From traditional arrangements to new adaptations. This “Christmas card” gives you over 2 hours for your holiday enjoyment.

Merry Christmas from AudioPerfecta!

A very merry musical Christmas.

More musical Christmas to come!

Yes, more Christmas music is on its way! With the exception of next week’s playlist, it’s all holiday fun from here to Christmas. Yes, from this Friday’s second annual installment in the Holiday Hall of Shame, to a cover vs original on “You’re a Mean One Mister Grinch – this December will be full of Holiday cheer.

What’s next week’s playlist going to be? Well, in celebration of my 45th year on this planet, I will pick 45 songs that…..actually you’ll just have to come back and find out for yourself. Just trust me though….it’s going to be fun.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for their patience as AudioPerfecta has just undergone a major redesign. I can hardly believe the difference in appearance from a month ago to now! I still have a few minor things to tweak here and there (like organization of Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Embed codes), but that will come soon. Oh, and yes….you DID see this playlist in Apple Music. This is an experimental feature mind you, so it might go away. With that said, if you like this, say something!

That’s all for now, folks. Happy Holidays!

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