The super duper, these are my unemployed emotions playlist!

What does a seagull have to do with unemployed emotions? Nothing. But I enjoy this picture. I took it myself!About a month ago I was laid off from a job that I had been at for nearly ten years. This is the first time in eighteen years I have been unemployed. A cornucopia of emotions hit me from the moment my now former boss broke the news to me. Some of these emotions are, of course, negative. I have felt despair, grief, anger, and etc. There are also a few positive emotions. I felt free, and maybe even a little happy and hopeful. As I have begun to search for a new job, these unemployed emotions continue.

How do I deal with these, or really with any emotion – aside from ranting at my girlfriend? Music of course! I started this blog because I love music, and I love talking about music. So I have taken a few songs and I created a playlist to express my feelings, emotions, fears, and etc. on the subject of my unemployed status. I hope you enjoy this emotional journey. As an added bonus, I’ve given an explanation on why I have included each and every song in this list.

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Take this Job and Shove It – Johnny Paycheck:

I include this song for the humor. While I feel free of some of the trappings I certainly miss my job. Besides, who hasn’t wanted to say this to their employer at sometime in their career? Even a job you love will have days, tasks, etc.. that just freaking suck. It is called work – not happy fun time after all.

Soup is Good Food – Dead Kennedys:

I put this song on my list because it expresses some of my biggest fears. What if I cannot ever find another job? What if I just shuffle from place to place, program to program, government subsidy to government subsidy? And, what if I am forced to live on 39 cent ramen?

Dressed For Success – Roxette:

This is one of those songs I use to pump myself up. This song also helps to counter the fears expressed with the last song. To be truthful, I am not great at psyching myself up, but sometimes it helps to try. Sometimes I’ll do anything to deal with these unemployed emotions.

Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi:

“We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got. It doesn’t really matter if we make it or not. We’ve got each other, and that’s a lot for love. We’ll give it a shot!” This song shows both hope and despair. Really – a perfect song about my unemployed emotions.

The River – Crooked Fingers:

This is a cover of a Bruce Springsteen song, but I like this version better then the original. The River describes a young couple, faced head on with life. The couple has to give up on dreams and hopes. They settle for the simple pleasures, like a trip down to the river from time to time. Sometimes the best things in life are free. This is important to remember when one has little or no money.

Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters:

Learn to Fly bursts at the seams with hope. Sure, the speaker in this song doesn’t have everything in place, but they’re learning – they’re on their way. This person will eventually get there. They can’t quite make it alone, and neither can I, but I will make it….eventually. At least that’s what I try to tell myself. Again – anything to deal with my unemployed emotions.

Here I Go Again – Whitesnake:

Here I Go Again serves as a neutral emotion song. Here I go again really just presents a reality, right wrong or indifferent. Sometimes the path of life is lonely, and sometimes we just don’t know where it will lead us. If the path of life finds us employed, or unemployed, we still travel the road. Here I go again….

Touch Of Grey – The Grateful Dead:

Here’s a random bunch of lyrics that mean almost nothing. Isn’t that like life – totally random? Really though, the chorus brings order to the chaos. “I will get by, I will survive.”

Lose Yourself to Dance – Daft Punk:

Looking back while I had a job, sometimes I felt the speaker of Lose Yourself to Dance was talking to me. Sometimes I felt like I was working myself so hard that I just didn’t have time to let loose. Even on my days off – away from my duties – the thought of “Oh shoot, did I forget to do this?” When I find another job – I will most likely go back to this mindset. This song is to remind me that I need to lose myself to dance (or whatever) while I am unemployed and have plenty of time.

Worst Days – Havalina Rail Company:

This is me when I’m really feeling depressed about the whole situation. Sometimes I feel like these are the worst days of my life. Being unemployed sucks!

To Have and To Have Not – Lars Frederiksen:

A simple reminder that we we are all human. I am human. I might not be employed, and I might not have much money right now – but this does not diminish my worth. This song reminds me that I have a lot to give despite my economic situation, despite my unemployment.

Penetration – Pedro The Lion:

The second verse describes a person in a similar situation to my own. Penetration describes a person who lost their job due to money issues. True – this person was essentially fired because they were not bringing enough profit, while I was laid off because the non-profit I worked for had a major budget shortfall. Still – he and I, we’re the same.

Holding Fast – David Zaffiro:

This is a song about pushing forth with every effort one has. However, the motivation of this song is not some inner strength – but rather fear. The speaker of Holding Fast is afraid that they won’t make it, so they’re giving everything they have. The speaker of this song is also unsure they’re going to make it despite their best efforts.

Skool’s Out…- Ladytron:

Ok, ok, if you look at the lyrics of this song, they certainly do not line up to my situation. Still – ignoring the verses, and concentrating on the general chorus of Skool’s Out…, this song reminds me that school is out. I am on a break, sure, but just as one does when school ends, I must find out what the next step might be. And hopefully I won’t follow Ladytron’s “bad advice.”

Unemployed Boyfriend – Everclear:

This is special dedication to my girlfriend. I can promise you all of these things – except for the whole part about “I will never be your unemployed boyfriend.”  Do you think I’m kind of cute like Perry Ferrel?

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