When We Get Sick

Folks, if you’re wondering what has been going on with this website the last week – well – I’ve been sick. Really really sick. I had H1N1 (ie the swine flu) and I was in a bad, bad way. One thing that happens when you get sick, all other projects have to be thrown out the window – the only project that matters is to get you better. That’s exactly what I concentrated on for several days straight. So long story short – I got no writing done when I got sick. For this very reason, I’ve not been able to publish anything.

It feels almost like a failure on my part – as I’m committed to publishing on a regular basis to this website. Oh well – I’ll live. I didn’t mean to get so ill. Regardless, as a peace offering to you, my loyal readers, I’ve made a playlist about being sick. This playlist will include themes like doctors, flus, hospitals, medication, and all that good stay at home in bed coughing your lungs out type of thing.

So – grab a tissue and a nice hot cup of tea. Cover up with enough blankets, and get enough rest. You’ll need it.

Get sick

Seriously though – don’t get sick

I’m just going to take this opportunity to tell you all – get your freaking flu shot. If I had gotten my flu shot, I would be in a lot better shape than I am right now. It was my own laziness that caused me to not get the flu shot this year – and it’s costing me money, health, and well being. Walgreens will give you one for a decent price, as will most other pharmacies. I personally will get a flu shot from now on every single year.

Also – if you’re flying, then wear a mask, take some airborne, and do whatever preventive care you can. You’ll be stick in a tin can for several hours, with people coughing and sneezing the entire time. You’re essentially sharing air with 300 strangers. Think about that. I’m sure that’s what happened to me by the way. I mentioned last week I was in Texas – I probably caught my flu from someone on the flight between Oakland and San Antonio.

I’ve preached a lot – I’m sorry. May all of you have good health and may you not get what I got.

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