Artist Exploration

Reach For the Sun With the Polyphonic Spree

In which I explore the Polyphonic Spree, a massive, 20+ member group from Dallas, Texas. With instruments ranging from harps, to guitars,flutes, to brass – and even a mini choir, their music might be considered best as Choral orchestral rock.

Ween is Weird, and That’s Ok!

Have you ever heard of the Band Ween? Have you ever wondered – what makes this band tick? Maybe you’ve listened to a few of their songs – only to find yourself lost in a sea of – What the heck is this? This article is here to help guide you into the wonderful world that is the Ween catalog. I’ll hold your hand, and guide you from the shallows and into the deeps. It’ll be a fun journey – so come on and take a swim!

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