Love & Love Songs

This week’s playlist, Love & Love Songs, celebrates Valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day used to be my least favorite day of the year. Many years, especially in my teens, I spent holed up in my room, crying my eyes out because I was sooooo lonely. One year in my twenties, a bunch of us singles hung out, and my crush said she would join us. Long story short, my crush didn’t show, I got very emo, and no one wanted to be around me because I was acting like a freaking child. Over the years, I had several nicknames for the day: VD day, Black Wednesday/Tuesday/Monday (or whatever day), and even singles awareness day. Some years I avoided Valentine’s Day and celebrated the birthday of Oregon (which became a state on February 14th, 1859).

This year, I celebrated Valentine’s Day by cuddling up with a blanket and begging to my healthcare provider for some Tamiflu. My partner was also sick. Although we both felt like full-on death and didn’t even see each other on Valentine’s Day, I think I prefer this year’s festivities to those of say, the late 90s. Although, I probably was acting just as childish as I did that one year. But I was sick dangit!

With all that said, I present to you this week’s playlist: a belated Valentine to my partner. These are some of my favorite love songs, (and songs about love). Happy belated Valentine’s day, love!

Love & Love Songs

More Love & Love Songs!

Last year, I did another playlist of love songs. So if this year’s playlist, make sure to check out Singing Love Songs!

Speaking about the past – last week, I promised an article about songs reinvented by their original artists. As I mentioned earlier, I got sick this week, and I was unable to finish said article. Seriously, I sat at my computer and spent about a half-hour trying to edit the opening. I finally decided I was too weak, and for only the second time in AudioPerfecta history, there was no featured article. But fear not! I’m feeling much better, and I will publish the article this week. So, stay tuned and hope I don’t get sick again! Seriously – that was the fourth time this year. Get your flu shots, people!

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