Creepy Playlist is Creepy.

Creepy playlist to creep you out....

Last week I gave you my Halloween Playlist. Today – however I’m giving you a creepy playlist. What’s the difference? Shouldn’t all creepy songs be included in a Halloween playlist? Oh no. No no no no no! Let me elaborate.

Sure, there’s a crossover of creepy songs with Halloween songs. Creepy songs often involve monsters and serial killers and other horrific elements. However – creepy songs often involve things like a grown man (Ringo Starr  or Bruno Mars) singing a song about a 16 year old girl. This creepy playlist includes songs about executions, September 11th, murder, rape, and all sorts of other hells. Honestly – this playlist should make you feel uneasy – whereas a Halloween playlist feels like a lot of fun.

So – why did I include the Johnny Cash version of “Mercy Seat,” instead of the Nick Cave version? Why did I include the Eminem version of “’97 Bonnie and Clyde” when the Tori Amos’ cover of the song feels a heck of a lot creepier? The short answer – Tori has a lot of creepy songs and so does Nick. Both artists already have songs included on this playlist. Besides – are you really complaining about a Johnny Cash song? Shame on you!

Anyways – enjoy this playlist, and if it’s too much – just drop into a fetal position, and tell yourself it’s all going to be over soon. Maybe….

After the creepy playlist – shameless self promotions.

Folks – I am planning on putting out an article later this week – but I have Jury Duty so it might not get released. I’m actually hoping to release it tomorrow – we’ll just wait and see if I get put on a case. The article explores why the Devil does not have all the good music. I figure the Devil fits into my halloween theme.

Hey – did you know that I have other websites? I have a personal blog –, that I explore so many topics that I can’t keep them all strait! Why do I mention this because every year for Halloween I write a special, creepy story. I’ll post this year’s on this page’s social media pages (Twitter and Facebook), so everyone of you can read the horror and the fun! 

Lastly, there was one song that I so wanted to include, but it just felt too disturbing, even for this playlist. So as a compromise, I invite you to listen to Eminem’s Kim. If you know the song – you’ll know why I didn’t include it. If you don’t – well – be prepared. This is truly a disturbing song.

Happy Halloween!

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