Top 50 Songs of 2018

Top 50 songs of 2018

2018 is over! Wow! AudioPerfecta was not even a gleam in our creator’s eye when 2018 started, now here we are – about to start 2019 and AudioPerfecta is going strong! If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably seen some of the songs we’ve spotlighted. AudioPerfecta’s social media really tries to showcase some of the best new music. And 2018 had an amazing amount of good music. So many, we just couldn’t narrow it down to a top ten or even a top 20. So here it is – AudioPerfcta’s top 50 songs of 2018!

Ok, ok – we included a lot of covers. If we hadn’t this might be a top 20, or maybe a top 25 – but dangit! AudioPerfecta really cares about covers, and 2018 had a lot of really good covers to showcase. So including covers on this and giving you a top 50 songs of 2018 seems natural. Besides – have you ever heard of a thing as too much music?

These songs are in no particular order – feel free to listen to this playlist on random. Just like the best albums of 2018, the top 50 songs of 2018 is not numbered.


Beyond The Top 50 songs of 2018…

2019 will be a big year for AudioPerfecta! We can’t reveal all of the secrets – but we’ve got a lot of big things planned. We can reveal what the next couple articles will be about. Later this week, on Thursday – we will talk about the perfect album to listen to in Winter, and why it is so perfect. Meanwhile, next week we’ll be doing an artist exploration on The Polyphonic Spree. Why? Well – that’s a secret I won’t reveal yet.

Other things to come – at least a couple things including Pedro the Lion. T(he)y has a new album coming out, and we’re really excited about this! Plus we’ll have a ton of cover vs originals, and a few retro artists reviews. Of course so many other things.

Still – the most important thing we’ll do in 2018, we want to listen to you. Do you have an artists, song, or what have you you want us to explore? Let us know! We’re also going to start a pantheon page and we’re wondering what rewards would interest you? Email us with your suggestions, and maybe you’ll see them featured here later in 2019.

Happy New Year.

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