Wave After Wave – The Ocean Themed Playlist

The ocean. 75 percent of our planet is covered in the vast, vast ocean. People live, work, play and die by, near, around, and on the ocean. I love the ocean – I’m actually heading there in a few minutes! A day at the beach, breathing in the salty air, eating clam chowder, and staring out at the vast abyss seems like paradise. Still – some struggle with the ocean. The unknown, the vastness, the hostile nature of salt water on human lungs – not so fun, not to mention dangerous.

Today I give you a playlist for the ocean. Sure – there’s some fun beach songs, but there’s also songs about pirates and man swallowing whales. There’s relaxing songs about playing at the beach, and there’s songs about the vastness of the ocean. This playlist aims to give a vast overview of the most massive bodies of water on the planet. Sail away, or run from a sea monster. Surf, love, fish, and maybe even drown in these songs. Here’s to you, ocean. This playlist is for you!

Wave after Wave

Under the ocean…

I hope you enjoy every this playlist. Again, the Pacific Ocean is an extremely special play to me. As far as the Indian Ocean, I will never forget those beautiful, green waters. While I’ve never seen the Arctic, Southern, or Atlantic Oceans, I’m sure I would love those as well. 

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Finally – there’s one song I left from my ocean playlist – Under the Sea. There’s a reason for this. I felt the original was a bit overused (although that’s never stopped me before). I found a really amazing, hard rock version that I totally dig – but this version is not on Spotify. So as a bonus, here is that version. I hope you enjoy it!

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