A Musical Calm Bomb.

A musical calm bomb,

The other night, I was stressed. I read too many current events articles, and just wanted to scream. Something in me needed to escape….I needed music. I needed to jump into a metaphorical bath and drop a musical calm bomb in said bath. Calgon, take me away!

Of course – some of you, when faced with life’s frustrations, might actually drop a literal calm bomb in a bubble bath, but me…I need music. Music really can help me control my emotions in a way that most other things cannot. So – I decided to make a playlist of songs that can serve me, and hopefully you, as a musical calm bomb.

A few of these songs might show the trials of reality, yet still somehow find the positive…..the subjects still find a way to follow their bliss. Against Me!’s “Thrash Unreal,” shows a woman with a pretty crappy life – but this woman found her calm bomb regardless. Elvis Costello’s “Veronica” shows an old woman who’s been locked away in a nursing home – but she finds her calm bomb in remembering her past. Sometimes our calm bombs come directly from our strife, or sometimes our calm bombs come from recognizing where we’ve been. Thus – I include these songs in this playlist. For what do we know of dark without the light?

So – pour a beverage of your choice – sit in your metaphorical bath, and drop this musical calm bomb. Enjoy!

Didn’t I already do a musical calm bomb?

No….I did not. I did, however, do a “chill pill” playlist. One difference, the Chill Pill Playlist focuses mostly on electronica, whereas this playlist focuses on several genres of music.  Also, the Chill Pill playlist focusses on calming sounds, whereas this playlist focuses on calming, inspirational and uplifting lyrics. So….yeah….these two playlists have nothing in common. OK, maybe they do.

By the way, if you don’t want to be calm, well….read my October scary story: The Curse of the Purple T-Rex. Seriously – it’s a good time. And if you don’t want calming music, I’ve got you covered there as well…later this week I’ll be publishing an article on the band Ween. Their music is anything but calming!