• Cover vs Original,  Holiday Fun!

    Do They Know It’s Christmas?

    I love “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Seeing Boy George, George Michael, Sting, Phil Collins, and so many other early 80s musicians belt out, in unison, “feed the world! Let them know it’s Christmas time!” warms me in a way I just can’t describe. Then there’s the infamous line Bono belts out…”well tonight thank God it’s them, instead of you!” How can you not love “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Sure – the song is full of cheese, but I happen to love cheese. Once more – “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” inspired so many other charity supergroups – especially USA for Africa (We are the world). If you’ve been…

  • Playlists

    It Will Get Loud!

    This playlist will make you want to scream/sing into a hairdryer. Why? Because it will get loud! Turn your hifi up to eleven, it's time to rock! Featuring songs by Foo Fighters, Joan Jett, The White Stripes, Great White, Chicago, Bad Religion, The Cranberries, and more!

  • Retro Music Review

    Retro Music Review: U2 – Live “Under a Blood Red Sky”

    When I was maybe ten or eleven, I got my very first U2 tape: U2 – Live “Under a Blood Red Sky.” The album has a lot of sentimental meaning to my life – as U2 has since become one of my all time favorite bands. I’ve listened to the album probably several hundred, maybe even a thousand times. I think I know every note played, every lyric sang, and  every word Bono says in between or even during the eight songs. My relationship with  Under a Blood Red Sky makes the album prime fodder for a Retro Album Review. It is time I looked at the album through fresh…