Sounds Silenced too Soon: A Tribute to Departed Musicians

This week’s playlist is a bit somber. I’ve been thinking a lot about those no longer with us. We just passed the second anniversary of my mom’s passing, and she was a great influence on my musical life. This got me thinking about all the music we listened too, and how many of those artists are no longer with us. Which ones hurt the most? Which ones do I wish I had taken the time to see live? How many legends or rock and roll died before I even knew their names? It’s a morbid topic for sure, but I feel as its important nonetheless. To further remember the work of these great musicians, I dedicate this week’s playlist: Sounds Silenced too Soon: A Tribute to Departed Musicians.

Before you get too mad that your favorite artist might not be listed, I decided I needed a criteria. After all, I already have 35 songs, and I could have had over a thousand songs! My criteria is simply musicians I wish I could have seen live. One exclusion from this list is the great Johnny Cash. Why? I actually DID get to see Johnny Cash live, if only briefly. There’s a few others who I thought about including, but decided I just wasn’t a big enough fan of their music. I won’t mention names, because that would be mean and offensive to their true fans mind you. My point being, forgive me if I didn’t mention someone you would mention. I had to make some tough decisions with this list. Really tough decisions!

Enjoy this playlist. Sounds Silenced too Soon: A Tribute to Departed Musicians is about remembering amazing music, and the souls no longer with us. Mourn, cry, laugh, smile, or just bask in the music.

Departed Musicians: Sounds Silenced too Soon.

More departed musician.

I probably don’t have to say this, but some of the bands mentioned in this playlist have some members who still breathe. The Beatles, for instance, may not have Lennon or Harrison, but Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney are still alive and well. The same with Nirvana: Cobain is missed dearly, but David Grohl and Krist Novoselic still make music….and a bit of trouble as well. Anyways, you get the point.

A major announcement. If you have not noticed the yellow banner across the top of your screen, ala 1990s style web design, this site is currently changing its look and feel. I don’t have a proper timeline as to when I’ll be finished, but I’m trying to fix things as I break them at least. So please, pardon our dust. In the same breath….if there’s something really annoying, let us know! Please!

Come back this Friday, and we’ll explore one of the folks on this playlist further. You may or may not know the music of Spike Jones, but you do know his influence on everyone from Weird Al to Elvis Costello. We’ll explore a handful of Spike Jones songs, and even show his music as a form of proto punk. Come back on Friday, and you won’t regret it!

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