Music for the Cold Weather Blues

Folks, the winter is here, as I reminded you last week. Winter truly is the most depressing time of year. That cold, wet weather that never seems to stop! The shorter days mean less sunlight and more night. Of course, there are those freak snowstorms that could happen at any moment. My city just dodged a full-on kale event! Yes, winter sucks. What can you do? Might I suggest hunkering down in the safety of your abode, and blasting the tunes as loud as you can? Of course, I have the perfect playlist for you: Music for the Cold Weather Blues!

Music for the Cold Weather Blues is a playlist of unrelated songs that have one goal: to make you feel good. This week’s playlist features hopeful songs, such as a co-cover by Green Day & U2 of “The Saints are Coming.” There’s fun dance classics, such as Erasure’s “Stop!” and The Talking Head’s “And She Was.” You will find beautiful love songs, like “I Get Weak” by Belinda Carlisle and “Lovesong” by The Cure. Of course, some of the songs are just crazy fun, like “Mirror in the Bathroom” by The English Beat. Music to Fight those Cold Weather Blues will (hopefully) warm your spirits with super great music and just a lot of fun.

Stay warm, and enjoy this week’s playlist!

Music for the cold weather blues

More Music for the cold weather blues, coming your way!

Folks, sharing is caring. Sharing our music is a way to share our very selves. That’s part of why I started – I want to share the music I love with the world. In this very spirit, this week’s featured article will be a little different. This week’s article will be a call to action to share our favorite music. We will also explore the impact that sharing our music can have on our community and our society.

Back to the cold weather blues, I do want to address that Seasonal Affective Disorder is a very real thing. If you suffer from SAD, I hope my little playlist can help you cope a little…but a two-hour playlist is by no means meant to be a substitute for professional help. So please, take care of yourself, talk to your friends and family, and seek out the help of a therapist if you feel that’s the right path!

Keep in good mental health everyone!

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