Let's Build a Wall of Music!

Folks, we need to build a wall. No, not a wall to keep people out. I’m not talking about a wall to separate one group of people from another. We don’t need a wall to separate the bathroom from the dining room. The wall we need has nothing to do with national borders, architecture, or fences. No, need to build a wall of music!

Of course, we don’t intend to build the same type of wall mentioned by Pink Floyd. No, this wall of music would share our ideas and tastes, and share our true colors. With this wall of music, we might show a total stranger a glimpse into our own lives. With this wall of music, we can show the world how we, the people of the world, function.

How do we start?

A wall of music can come in many forms. The easiest way to build a wall of music is to make a playlist of songs. Each song in the playlist is a brick in the wall (again, avoid the Pink Floyd metaphors). Each playlist, or collection of bricks, is a section of this wall. These bricks, and these sections, should mean something to you. We live in a time where sharing music is so easy. We no longer have to make mixed tapes and pass them off to our friends. No longer must we rely on personal music collections to make these walls. We have so many streaming options, from paid to free. You can find (almost) anything you desire for your section of this musical wall.

Use your own creativity if you can

Not all these bricks in this musical wall will be made of other people’s music. Some of you possess more talent than I. Somehow you compose the instrumentation, lyrics, and melodies to make music. You can make bricks from scratch. Once more, you desire and even feel a need to make these bricks from scratch. More power to you! I don’t care if you feel as though no one likes your “bricks,” you still have the talent to give to the world. Go make some bricks!

Of course, people like me….people who love music, but don’t make music….we can still use our creativity. No, we cannot make our bricks from scratch, but we can use our knowledge and passion for music to make quality bricks for others. That’s what this website (audioperfecta.com) is all about: bringing music to the masses. Writing about music is essentially giving someone a pair of headphones, and saying “Listen to this song, it will change your life!”

Even if you’re not creative, you can still help build a wall of music

Sharing music in any form is the goal here. Even those of you who don’t quite get the intricate rules of making a playlist can (and should) make playlists. You don’t have to make fancy graphics in PhotoShop for your playlist. You do not even have to obsessively arrange the flow of the songs. Just get the music out there. Music that shows others who you are, this is what we need more of than anything. We don’t need anything too fancy, we just need music.

For those of you who don’t like music, I cannot understand your point of view, but I want to. True, I feel tempted to make jokes about who you are as a person, but that would be hypocritical of me. Instead, I encourage you to share (with me and others), why you don’t like music. Is there a passion you feel takes the place of music? Maybe you feel an equation or scientific theory describes you…whatever….share that with the world at least.

Build a musical wall of playlists!
These are the bricks in the wall I’m talking about.

You don’t have to like these songs in your musical bricks

You read that correctly. Sure, most songs you want to share will be songs you like. Still, there are those songs that somehow describe us, even if we hate the bloody song. Maybe the song has a certain memory attached, maybe we just find the song annoying. These bricks still tell others about ourselves. Sometimes we need to show our negative emotions and qualities. We get angry and we get depressed. At times we can be jerks! The songs that show our darker sides are just as important as the songs that show our more pleasant sides. Our darker qualities are a part of us. Showing these qualities makes us more vulnerable to those around us.

As I compose my musical brick, I know two songs to include, even though I don’t want to ever listen to either song again. The first song, 867-5309 Jenny by Tommy TuTone is not bad. Still, as I’ve written before, the song carries a painful memory. Another song, Percolator by Charlie Bliss, reminds me of what an opinionated asshole I can be. I don’t like the singer in that song….at all. I’ve stated this vehemently. It shames me of how much of a mean snob I can be. For the record, I like their new album.

It might smell like a skunk, but if it describes you….the song belongs in your section of the wall.

Why should we build a musical wall?

There are a couple of reasons why we should build a musical wall. Firstly, putting our bricks out there for the world (or at least those around us) to see is a freeing experience. Expressing who we are, and what makes us tick, shows our family, friends, and acquaintances what makes us human.

Putting yourself out there, in turn, will make others view you in a different light. Say all your family sees on your Facebook wall are rants on why you love or hate a certain politician. Putting out a playlist shows these people in your life a different perspective on who you are. In a sense, sharing your section of the wall will make you more three dimensional.

Oh, but it isn’t just about you. I called this a musical wall for a reason. Every brick and section in this wall will help to build a monument to beauty, to art, to happiness. At the very least., maybe these songs will show someone a new way to cope with life. While I encourage you to use songs that show yourself, your connection is hardly the only interpretation of a song. The Beatles did not write Eleanor Rigby exclusively because they knew I’d discover it in the 90s, and relate to the song’s loneliness. My Bloody Valentine did not write “Sometimes” because they knew I’d find it an aesthetic bliss fest. I am not part of the equation on either song’s composition. You are not part of the writing process of any of your favorite songs either unless you wrote the songs or knew the artists beforehand. Yet, despite not being part of the composition, we take this personal experience into our souls when we hear certain songs. We make these songs about our own lives. These songs become another brick in our own walls.

All this to say, each brick we put out for the world….those bricks have the potential to be the bricks others use for their own walls. And yes….we need to build more than just one wall! We each need to build a wall of music. We each need a canon of songs.

Where should we show our bricks and walls?

Again, we live in an age where sharing music with other people is easier than ever. Share your playlists on social media, forward them in emails, text messages, or however you communicate. Make a thread in Slack or Teams at work! Start a music website (I could use the competition). Heck, shout “google my wall playlist” while standing on a busy street if you like. My point, just find a way to share your section of this musical wall. FYI, I will be sharing my section of the wall as next week’s playlist. I also have a Facebook group for sharing playlists, and all are welcome.

I realize this whole “build a wall of music” concept sounds ridiculous and/or idealistic. Still, think of this as an experiment. If just one person builds a section for this wall of music and shares it with others, this experiment will be successful. If two share their sections, that’s even better. And if five…if five people share their musical wall sections, we might go viral. Can you imagine 50 people sharing their musical walls with the world? To quote Arlo Guthrie, they may think it’s a movement!

Friends, that’s exactly what I want, I want a movement of people building a musical wall. I want people sharing their lives and sharing the music that tells their stories. I want so many people sharing music, we can’t keep track of all the new playlists. Let’s build a musical wall so big it dwarves the Great Wall of China!

Of course, the other side of this coin, don’t just share your sections. Listen to the sections of others. You don’t have to listen to every song – you don’t even have to listen to any song in its entirety. Still, give the musical walls of others a chance. You’ll learn something about that person, and you might find a new song for your own section.

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