Songs For The Winter

This week I’ve suffered a cold. Because of said cold, this week’s playlist comes at you slightly later than normal….so if you’re keeping score….sorry. Interestingly enough, this week’s playlist, delayed by A cold is all about THE cold. Or rather – anything to do with winter. Every song on this week’s playlist mentions something wintery….be it winter itself, be it cold weather, the fact that it’s dark so early, ice, snow, and generally bad weather. That is why this week’s playlist is entitled “Songs For The Winter.”

Songs For The Winter features everyone from Elvis Costello to the Doors. From Fleet Foxes to Vanilla Ice. Songs for Winter features two, yes two, versions of ‘Hazy Shade of Winter” by Simon & Garfunkel AND The Bangles. I mean…why not. While The original Simon & Garfunkel was amazing, The Bangles did a really good job on the song themselves.

Songs for the winter

More Songs For The Winter

About a year ago, I published an article called “The Perfect Album for Winter,” featuring Elvis Costello’s North Album. This article got so much attention, Costello himself retweeted it! got so many hits in January of last year, I never thought I’d beat that record. I am happy to report, the last five months, I’ve beat that record consistently. 2019 truly was an amazing first full year for – let’s hope that 2020 see the same success.\

Enough looking to the past….I did a lot of that recently, it’s time to look to the future! Let’s look to the future. Either tomorrow or Saturday (depending on how I’m feeling), we’ll be bringing a brand new Cover vs original at you! This time, we’ll be looking at the song “All Along the Watchtower.” This is a cover vs original I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, and its time has finally come. Will Dylan’s version catch my ear more than Hendrix’s? Will some other version? Maybe that version from Battlestar Galactica will win (or not). We’ll say who wins in a couple days. Stay tuned!

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