Are we there yet? A playlist for road trips.

Summer is coming. The days are getting longer, the nights are getting warmer. Pretty soon you’ll be driving to the coast for a day trip, or maybe hauling the family off across country on an epic voyage to Disneyland/world/universe. Pretty soon your kids will scream from the back seat, “Are We there yet? How much further?”

There’s several things you’ll need for your voyage, and while I can’t help you with most of those things, I can help you with one: the music! I’ve put together a road trip playlist, just for you and your family. These songs will give your mind some peaceful sounds.

A few words of note: This playlist is explicit content free. Little ears will not hear any objectionable words. Also, while the purpose of is to bring light to music you probably don’t know, I did go with a more “yeah, I know that song” approach on this specific playlist. You’re supposed to be driving, so….you need to concentrate on the road and not the cool new song I just played for you.

Safe travels, and tell Mickey Mouse I said hi!

Are we there Yet? – A note from the future.

Folks, a full year (and then some) has passed since I launched! Whoa! Since then, I have published over 60 playlists! Check them all out here. I create playlists based on moods, events, and pretty much anything else I can think of. This week’s playlist includes songs about science fiction. Next week’s will include – well…we are not there yet, so I won’t tell you! See what I did there? Are We there yet? But I digress.

In the coming weeks, I will release a few of the early playlists with souped up graphics and re-edited texts. Who knows….I might even add a song or two. So keep an eye out for that. How can you keep track of these “re-released” playlists? Simple…just follow audioperfecta on Twitter or Facebook. So stop asking, “are we there yet?” and start looking on social media! Ugg, I need to stop with the puns.

TL:DR Remixed playlists, coming soon! Follow AudioPerfecta on Social Media!

Are we there yet? A Playlist for Road Trips.
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