Covering the Beatles

Covering the Beatles

The Beatles might be the greatest band ever or they might be the most overrated bands of all time. It depends on who you ask. Myself, I say they’re somewhere in the middle. The fab four certainly had their moments of greatness, and even achieve transcendentalism at times. However, I still can’t get into things like “She Loves Me, Yeah Yeah Yeah,” Regardless of what I think though, the Beatles are the number one covered (popular) artist of all time. With so many other artists covering the Beatles, one must admit there was at least something to the their music.

What was that something? I don’t know. I’m not a musician, though I can hold my own in any conversation about music. I guess there’s just something in the way she moves, err I mean something in the way the Beatles play. Something that makes covering the Beatles an almost rite of passage for musical artists. Seriously – name an artist, and you’ll find 90 percent of them covered the Beatles at least once in their career. Heck, even Elvis made time for covering the Beatles, and Elvis wanted to take down the Beatles!

Some of my favorite musicians: U2, Stone Temple Pilots, Cowboy Junkies, and that other Elvis (Costello) have all covered the Beatles. Some more than once. Rivals The Beach Boys, and even The Rolling Stones have spent time covering the Beatles! It’s safe to say, unless an artist truly hates the fab four, they’ll eventually cover the Beatles.

Enjoy these artists covering the Beatles!

Wait – some of those songs weren’t covering the Beatles!

Haha, surprise! Yes – I threw in a few songs that covered not the Beatles, but rather the fab four’s post Beatles careers. There’s a John Lennon song, a George Harrison Song, a Wing’s song, and even a Ringo song (although Harrison’s recording was more popular). I want to say there was a deep and significant reason I included these four tracks – but I’ll be honest, it’s because I really wanted that amazing cover of “Gimme Some Truth” by Sam Phillips on this playlist.

That’s all for now, dear readers. Listen to your Beatles records, and come back tomorrow. I’ll be reviewing the best Hard Rock album of the 80s. Who and what is it? I’ll give you a hint – this band also comes from England. Oh – and yes, this band covers the Beatles themselves.

I leave you with this – probably my favorite cover of my favorite Beatles song. The only reason I didn’t include it on this list is because it’s not on spotify. Enjoy!