Christian Rock Hard!

Christian Rock Hard! A playlist showcasing some of the best, and maybe some of the worst  musicians in a genre that some might even call oxymoronic.

Ever since the 70s, a seemingly impossible genre has emerged – the genre of Christian Rock. Both religious and non-religious peoples have come out against this genre. Some mock Christian Rock, some call it oxymoronic, some even say the genre is of the devil. Heck – one of my favorite episodes of South Park totally slams the genre. Still – the genre not only grows, but even diversifies. 

I admit – I have quite an affinity for Christian Rock. In the 80s, I was not allowed to listen to “secular music,” (although I still did). But most of what I listened to was Christian Rock. Even as I grew older and began exposing myself to more music, I never lost my love for Christian Rock. I probably never will. I love all rock and roll – even Christian Rock.

While those without a religious persuasion  might not care for this playlist – I still invite you to take a listen or two. Yes – the music can be preachy at times. Some of the Christian Rock musicians felt they had to “spread the good news.” However, Christian Rock is more than just “preaching the gospel.” Bands like Resurrection Band scream about social justice. Bands like Whiteheart want to encourage their listeners. Bands like Poor Old Lu, well – they just sound good. Some of these bands really just set out to provide an alternative to the womanizing and substance abuse so frequent in so many secular rock bands. So go ahead and say “What the Hell?” Give this playlist a listen.

And in case you’re not a fan of Christian Rock…

Seriously – I know this playlist is not for everybody. That’s kind of the point of I want to provide music that you may or may not be familiar with. This means I might present to you a genre or an artist or a song that you just don’t get. There’s a lot of songs out there, and you’re not going to like all of them. But I adhere you to eat the meat and spit out the bones (apologies to my vegetarian/vegan friends). You might not like this playlist – but you’re probably going to love the next one – or the one after that! Annnd this is why you should follow AudioPerfecta on Twitter, Facebook – or subscribe by email at the bottom of this page! You’ll never miss a new playlist again! It’s a good thing.

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