Cover vs Original

What is Cover vs Original? A section which compares and contrasts the different covers of a song to the original version. We dare to ask…which version is better and why? Sometimes the original blows the cover out of the water. Sometimes a cover shows the original what the song could have, and even should have, been. At the end of the day…cover vs original is great and glorious fun.

Some songs already made in Cover vs Original include God Gave Rock and Roll to You, Don’t Stop Believin’, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Ghost Riders in the Sky, Somebody to Love, and more!

This section of, at the very least gives you a place to find new and interesting versions of a song you already know and love. For example, a dance version of Somebody to Love. We have also featured a Klingon version of Don’t Stop Beleivin’. And who can forget when we contrasted the Gwar version of Carry On, Wayward Son with a Christian Rock version? Of course, the queen of covers, Tori Amos, and the king of covers, Johnny Cash, make regular appearances…or rather their songs do.

Cover Vs Original gives an in depth look at what makes a song tick too….so its not all surface. We fully look for patterns in vocals, instrumentation, lyrics, key progressions, tempo, and everything else….all to find what makes the song…well…the song.

A new Cover vs comes out at least once a month. So keep checking back, and be sure to request your favorite songs as we are always open to suggestions.

Which Cover of The Sound of Silence Speaks Loudest?

Which Cover of The Sound Of Silence truly gets the song? I compare the original to versions done in several genres. Metal, folk, Jazz, experimental. Artists such as The Bachelors, Carmen Mcrae, Peaches and Herb, Gregorian, Nevermore, Disturbed, and more!

Smells Like Teen Spirit Covers – Whatever

Smells Like Teen Spirit Covers by Tori Amos, The Muppets, Patti Smith, Paul Anka, Weird Al Yankovic, Kathleen Hanna, and more! Which cover blows our minds? Which covers get Smells Like Teen Spirit right? And which covers actually outshine the original Nirvana version?

Somebody to Love Covers: Jefferson Airplane and Beyond

Somebody To Love Covers – Including Jefferson Airplane, The Ramones, Mother’s Finest, Great White, W.A.S.P., In Tua Nua, Saint Privat, and more! Which cover does justice to the original? And does Jefferson Airplane’s version of the song define Somebody To Love, or should we all listen to The Great Society’s version instead?

Hey Streetlight People, Don’t Stop Believin’

Hey Streetlight People, Don’t Stop Believin’ – Cove Vs Original featuring Journey,The cast of Glee, Badly Drawn Boy, Petra Hayden, Martina McBride, Mickey Thomas, Klingon Pop Warrior, Steel Panther, The Original Pine Mountain Railroad, and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Which version stands out? Click here and find out!

Helter Skelter Rocks!

Helter Skelter Rocks! I prove this by analyzing the original Beatles song to covers by U2, Soundgarden, Pat Benatar, Aerosmith, Oasis, Mötley Crüe, and more! I also talk about the song’s dark history – and if we should let said history interfere with our love for the song. Does Helter Skelter still rock?

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