Aaron J Edwards

Bands That Don’t Exist …Anymore

This week’s themed playlist is Bands that Don’t Exist anymore. Featuring the Smiths, Talking Heads, Cream, Sonic Youth, ABBA, The White Stripes, Rilo Kiley, Stereolab, The Beach Boys, The Sex Pistols, The Go-Gos, The Kinks, Hüsker Dü and so many more. 30 bands that no longer play music together.

Attack of the Full Length TV Theme!

Attack of the full length TV Theme is a list of songs you might know…from TV! Extended cuts, songs repurposed for TV, and more! Featuring songs from shows such as Cheers, Scrubs, Baywatch, Orange is the New Black, The Big Bang Theory, Dawson’s Creek, The Benny Hill Show, and more!

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