80s Power Mix!

This week’s playlist, the 80s Power Mix, will pump you up! So much energy, so much excitement…why…this playlist should be registered with the FDA as a stimulant! Full of songs that won’t quit by artists who waaay too many major chords, the 80s Power Mix is perfect! Maybe you’re a big time Wall Street stockbroker, or maybe you’re just jazzercising at home….this is the mix for you. Yes, you are an 80s kind of person, and you need music that will get you to go go go! Forget that mellow soft rock stuff you listen to on your yacht, it’s time to get down to business baby!

The 80s Power Mix will help you get your stuff done, with energetic songs from Survivor, Duran Duran, Pat Benatar, Eddie Money, Heart, Depeche Mode, and so many more high energy artists! Forget the motivational speaker, forget the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, all that mumbo jumbo. That won’t make you sell more Amway! No, you just need this playlist and you’ll sell ALL the products!

80s Power Mix! Totally radical!

80s Power Mix

80s Power Mix: totally radical!

Am I right? Oh…and what a workout! That’s a mix to raise your heart rate! I got so excited just writing the copy, I probably burned 1000 calories.

You might note I ended this playlist with an INXS song. Yes, its true, I have done a 180 on my views of INXS, as I explain here, but that is not the only reason I ended the power mix with “Devil Inside.” Another facet of the 80s was the satanic panic. With that came an outcry against such bands like AC/DC (who literally sang a song about going to Hell). Because of this, and my religious upbringing, I really did not listen to AC/DC until about six or seven years ago….and yet they had a bigger influence on my life than I realized. So this week’s featured article is a grouping of memories about AC/DC songs, from Highway to Back in Black to Thunderstruck and more. Come back Friday, for a very personal featured article and a whole lot of hard rocking.

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