Weird Songs are Weird

Some songs are just weird. Sometimes these songs have strange music that makes you question your music choices right away. Some of these odd songs, however, have learned to camouflage themselves as seemingly normal songs. The melody and the instrumentation seem on the level, but when you pay attention to the lyrics and you’re like WTF! Oh, and then there’s the songs that have both weird sounds and weird lyrics – a two fer of weird songs. With that said – sometimes a weird song is exactly what your ears need. So, in preparation for those times, I present to you a playlist dedicated to all three categories of weird songs.

This playlist includes classics such as “I Eat Cannibals” by Toto Coelo, “One Piece at a Time” by Johnny Cash, and “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors. While the weird songs are weird playlist shys away from comedy, a few comedic artists do make an appearance, such as Paul and Storm and Weird Al Yankovic. This Playlist also tries to avoid too many one hit wonder novelty songs….though again, there are a few. Oh, and the quirky artists…they’re covered as well. Kimya Dawson, The B-52’s, The Barenaked Ladies, Jonathan Coulton and Ludo have tracks on this week’s playlist. Finally – usually normal artists, such as U2, Sufjan Stevens, and Johnny Cash have songs on this week’s playlist.

Enjoy the weirdness!

Weird Songs are Weird

Weird songs missed by this playlist.

Sure….there’s a few songs that I left out for various reasons. One particular omission from this week’s playlist, the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. Sure – we don’t really call Smells Like Teen Spirit odd, bizarre, or what have you….but really the song makes no sense. I feel like Smells Like Teen Spirit would fit well with this week’s playlist.

With that said – the reason I omitted Smells Like Teen Spirit this week? Why, I’m doing a whole damned article on the song. This Friday’s featured article will be a cover vs original on the classic anti theme of Generation X.

What other songs did I miss from the weird songs playlist? I know a few off the top of my head. This oddWhat’s Up” rendition of I have nothing from Ween or Devo. Ween I omit because the songs I wanted just did not fit the playlist’s flow. And Devo? Well, I wanted Post Post Modern Man – but that’s not on spotify. Seriously – Spotify Sucks – so many good songs get left out of my playlists. Sigh….

Whatever…’s the video instead.

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