Cover to Cover: Cover Sampler 2

Covers have always been a cornerstone in AudioPerfecta’s content strategy. The very first article (written exclusively for AudioPerfecta) was a cover vs original on God Gave Rock and Roll to You. While I’ve done cover samplers in the past, it’s high time for a new playlist of unusual, but interesting covers. So, that’s what this week’s playlist is all about. Cover to Cover gives you, our loyal listener, 32 songs to love.

Again, cover to cover tries to highlight unusual, but interesting covers. For instance, heavy metal band Mastodon covering indie-pop artist Feist. Or what about The B-52s covering Petula Clark (in a totally spaced-out fashion)? They Might Be Giants covers Destiny’s Child, and Screaming Females covers Taylor Swift. Other artists include Devo, William Shatner, Weezer, Johnny Cash, Iron and Wine, John Lennon, Oingo Boingo, George Michael, Erasure, and many others. It’s a cornucopia of covers! And I hope you love every single one.

Enjoy this week’s playlist everyone! And make sure to scroll down past the playlists, for a preview of what’s coming in the next week!

Cover to Cover

From cover to cover, there’s more to enjoy!

So, did you expect Tiffany to sing a Kate Bush song? Yeah, neither did I! However, you might have expected Tiffany to sing a Tommy James song. That’s my subtle way of saying stay tuned for a new Cover vs Original featuring the song “I Think We’re Alone Now.” I feature Tiffany, Tommy James, Billy Joe Armstrong, and three other artists, all playing I Think We’re Alone Now in unique and interesting ways. Which one will I like the most? And will you agree with me? Well, you’ll just have to wait till next Sunday to find out! Side note, I wrote the first draft last night, and I had a ton of fun! So, hopefully, you’ll have just as much fun reading it.

Also coming next week, a special themed weekly playlist. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so I’m making a playlist of some of my favorite Irish artists. You’ll hear artists such as U2, Clannad, Iona, the Corrs, Sinead O’Connor, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, and more! I’ll also talk about the time I saw Máire / Moya Brenan perform on St. Paddy’s Day. That was such a treat. So come back next week, have a Guinness Stout, and listen to a collection of Ireland’s finest musicians! If you’re afraid you’re going to forget, why not sign up for our mailing list? It’s easy! On mobile devices, just scroll down to the bottom of this page, enter your email address, and hit subscribe! On other devices, just look to the right side of the screen.

Until next week, my friends, I wish you good listening. As always, rock on, and rocksteady!

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