Celebramus Musicae: The Songs of the 2010s

My last article celebrated some of the best albums of the 2010s, but what about the individual songs? Not every album released in the 2010s was pure gold from beginning to end. Still, most albums I listened to had at least one good song on it. So that’s what this week’s playlist is about….I pay tribute not to the albums of the 2010s, but to the songs of 2010s. This is Celebramas Musicae! (for those of you who don’t speak Latin, Celebrate the music).

Celebramus Musicae covers a variety of genres. Everything pop to indie rock. We’ve got your singer songwriter songs, we’ve got your heavy metal. We have your punk, your comedy, and even songs that bridge the gap between comedy and punk. You might recognize half of the names on this week’s playlist, but chances are you will not recognize all the names. Of course, at 90 songs, this is quite the long playlist. Still, you might find songs missing. I don’t claim that Celebramus Musicae is an exhaustive playlist….not by any means! Celebramus Musicae is just a celebration of my own sampling of the songs of the 2010s: nothing more, nothing less.

Happy new year, and happy new decade everyone! May the 2020s bring happiness, peace, and joy to you all.

Celebramus Musicae

Celebramus Musicae of the year 2020!

Enough navel gazing….this friday we’re coming at you with a look at some of the most anticipated albums (in our opinions) of the 2020. There’s a few defeinates, there’s a few maybes, there’s even possible but not likely. Regardless, 2020 is going to be huge as far as new music!

What did you think of AudioPerfecta’s direction this year? We went a little overboard on the Holiday fun section, we confess. That last playlist especially. I mean ten hours? Wow. Just wow. I was on a mission I guess. But in general, we want to hear from you! Do you want more Cover vs Originals? More Retro Album Reviews? More Artist Explorations? Less of any of these? Do you have a suggestion for an article? We want to hear all of this. 2020 will be more reader driven than ever, but we can only accomplish this goal if you help us.

So leave a comment below, or say something on our Facebook or Twitter feed. Let’s make the 2020s a new and exciting decade for music!

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