Songs About Dreams and Rainbows.

So many songs about dreams and rainbows.

Last week, I published an article exploring the song “Rainbow Connection.” I mention many songs about dreams and rainbows, so today, I thought everyone would love a companion playlist. I include several of these song in last week’s article, but there are so many more songs that fit into this category. So – this playlist includes other songs that talk about “dreams and rainbows.” I include songs about chasing dreams, as I feel that still fits with the milieu of the song “Rainbow Connection.”

Put on your dreaming hats people. This playlist will hopefully inspire you and make you think of a better world. Love your neighbor and love yourself. Think of the good, try not to focus on the bad. Usually, I  try to limit playlists to a “one song per artist.” I also try to follow the guideline, “only one rendition of any given song.” I break both of these rules in this playlist. Please forgive me. But I digress….enjoy the music!

More dreams and rainbows to come!

Ok, ok, so I’m not really going to give you another playlist about dreams and rainbows – at least not this week. Instead, I’ll be going into a “punk rock covers” mode. On Thursday, I’ll publish an article which explores the genre of the “punk rock cover.” On Friday, I’ll give everyone a playlist of these punk rock covers. This is going to be fun! Trust me.

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