Pianos Rock!

Pianos Rock!

Electric guitars, bass guitars, and drums are the quintessential backbone of rock music. Where would be without that awesome guitar solo in (insert pretty much every significant rock song ever). Still – these three instruments are not the only instruments that make up rock and roll. Rock and roll finds a home on pretty much any instrument imaginable. However, one instrument stands out far above the others – the piano. Pianos rock, and that’s a fact.

I dedicate this playlist to those rock songs that rely on the piano. Sure – they might also rely on other instruments, but if you took out the piano part the song just wouldn’t be the same. Take for instance “Layla” by Derek and the Dominos. Without the second part – that amazing piano part – the song just wouldn’t be the same. Heck, Eric Clapton proved it with his version on MTV’s Unplugged! That isn’t to say Clapton’s unplugged version was bad – far from it. Still the two versions of Layla really are different songs.

This playlist will contain a lot of familiar faces – Billy Joel, Elton John, Chicago, REM (just to name a few). I usually try to stay away from making playlists full of songs you already know – but in this case, I feel like these songs not only fit – but need to be there. So don’t get mad that “Piano Man,” “Great Balls of Fire,” and “Let it Be” found their place on this playlist – they’ve earned it.

Enjoy the music! Pianos Rock.

Pianos rock – but so do other instruments!

This playlist is actually the first in a series. From time to time, I’ll be putting up a playlist focusing on a specific instrument in the genre of rock. Sure – there’s going to be a guitar, bass, and a drum playlist – but there’s also going to be saxophones, strings, and so many other instruments. If I could find enough songs, I’d probably make a hammered dulcimer playlist rocks playlist. Actually – if you know of any rock songs that rely on the hammered dulcimer, let me know.

In other news, I’m back in the swing of things once more. I realize I missed a main article the last couple weeks – what can I say? The swine flu hit me hard in Texas! But I’m back in Oregon and back in full health! Woot! By the way – I did actually give you all a quick and dirty article last week: My thoughts on the musical movies of 2018. If you had subscribed to my email list you would have known! Gosh! What’s wrong with you. Kidding – though you really should subscribe if you haven’t. You might be subscriber number 60 if you hurry! Wow!

Stay tuned for an article about Belle and Sebastian later this week!

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