Music For Nerds and Geeks

Nerds, geeks, dorks, dweebs…I am one of you. I mostly consider myself a nerd, though I certainly hold a few geeky tendencies. As far as dork and dweeb….well…I’ve been called both these names as well. I’m proud to be a nerd! I know things, a lot of things! I can fix my own computer, and I can create maintain, and even troubleshoot websites. Heck, I can also argue for hours about the etymology of a word and how it pertains to popular uses (those who misuse the word “epic,” you have been warned). Once more, I have seen every episode of Futurama at least five times, and every episode of Star Trek TNG at least three times (I think I’m due for a rewatch of that…gotta get ready for Star Trek: Picard). But I digress. I am a nerd, and maybe a geek…and I celebrate that fact with this playlist: Music for Nerds and Geeks.

What is music for nerds and geeks? Simple…music that celebrate the culture of nerds and geeks. Yes….oversimplified – let me expound a bit, I am a nerd after all. Nerdy and geeky music might talk about our favorite TV Shows, Movies, games, comics, and the like. Nerdy and/or geeky music might talk about what it feels like to be a nerd or a geek. Music for nerd and geeks might just be overly knowledgeable on any given subject. Artists included on Music For Nerds and Geeks playlist include Jonathan Coulton, They Might Be Giants, Thomas Dolby, MC Frontalot, and even The Decemberists. Why The Decemberists? Just look at Colin Meloy’s vocabulary – not to mention his love for literature. Meloy is one of us!

Enjoy the playlist everyone, even if you don’t wear prescription glasses.

Music for Nerds and Geeks includes Led Zeppelin ?

Oh yes. So many of Led Zeppelin lyrics include references to Celtic mythology, not to mention Lord of the Rings. Why, take the included “Battle of Evermore.” Actually….hold that thought. Why? Because this week’s featured article will be a retro music review of Led Zeppelin IV.

What was your favorite nerdy and/or geeky song? Did I miss any classics? I really enjoyed making this particular playlist, and I fully intend to make a volume 2, so any suggestions you have – I want to hear. I also want to hear your suggestions for articles.

For that matter – if you have an idea for a playlist or a featured article, I want to hear it. I have a couple suggestions in my cue that I fully intend on writing!

Finally, some extra credit for all my geek and nerd friends. Watch the documentary “Nerdcore Rising” to learn about an unlikely, yet powerful genre of hip hop. You’ll love it! Just in case you need more coxing, here’s the trailer.

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