Instrumentals for Working Remotely

Are you having trouble getting into that work from home groove? Maybe the kids being home are screaming their lungs out, or perhaps you just don’t have the motivation. What you need is the perfect music to take your mind off of your surroundings. You need to put your headphones on and find your zen. Folks, that’s what this week’s playlist is all about. Instrumentals for Working Remotely will help you as you work from your dining room table.

Why instrumentals? Instrumentals draw the focus away from the lyrics and help you think. Psychology Today even states that instrumentals make you more productive. And with your spouse yelling at the dog while you’re trying to work, you need all the help with productivity you can get.

Instrumentals for Working Remotely features some familiar songs: Classical Gas, Canon in D, and A Taste of Honey. This week’s playlist features composers from a variety of genres. From Aaron Copeland to Elvis Costello. From Iannis Xenakis to Henry Mancini to Sigur Rós. Even The Beatles make an appearance! This week’s playlist will help you see just, ahem, how good it feels, to work at home.

Stay productive with Instrumentals for Working Remotely.

Instrumentals for Working Remotely

Did Instrumentals for Working Remotely, uh, work, for you?

I’m sorry, bad puns are bad. That’s the second bad pun I’ve made in this article, and it might not be the last. Stir crazy fun time, what can I say?

On a serious note, this week’s featured article will be a very special Artist Exploration. I explore the music of the recently deceased Kenny Rogers and reveal what I like – and what I really like about his music. We’ve lost an American legend, and this is my way of paying tribute to Rogers.

Finally, I don’t usually do this, but I read an amazing article today on how to help your favorite content creators in this time of economic turmoil. The Diversity of Classic Rock has some great things to say on the subject. Go, read it. Now.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. And please, don’t leave your house unless you have to. Think about not just yourself, but those around you.

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