Hard Rock Ballads

Like an otherwise energized monkey, mellowing out - so are these hard rock ballads.

Sometimes when you’re rocking out, you need a little break. You need something to give your ears a little rest – a slow, soft, and gentle song is in order. Bands know this…and they accommodate this need. That’s why on probably  ninety percent of hard rock albums, they give you one of these songs – they give you hard rock ballads.

Ok, ok, so this might not be the only reason for a hard rock ballad. Maybe the band wants to demonstrate that they have a serious and deep side. Maybe their girlfriend asked them to “write me a song, baby.” Maybe their record labels said “write a radio friendly song so we can sell more records.” There’s probably a thousand reasons to write a hard rock ballad.

Regardless of reason, hard rock ballads are a welcome and amazing sub genre of the hard rock and metal genres. hard rock ballads provide us a chance to connect with the bands music in a new and different way. Furthermore, hard rock bands rely heavily on electric guitars, so songs often evolve into power ballads. Who doesn’t love a power ballad? 

Join me in exploring this list of power ballads. Yes, yes, these are pretty “mainstream,” sometimes that happens with this type of playlist. They are, after all, “radio friendly” (for the most part). Regardless, this list will give you the perfect pick me up for your hectic day. Enjoy!

Hard Rock Ballads: Addendum

Yeah sure, maybe these hard rock ballads aren’t your thing. Don’t worry – we’ll be bringing you more rocking playlists later. I also want to say that yes, I understand that metal and hard rock are not the same thing. I won’t go into the why’s yet, but while the two genres share some of the same qualities, the two genres oppose each other in many ways. Still – for the sake of this playlist, I lumped them together. Sue me if you don’t like it.

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