Fun but Annoying Christmas Songs.

If you listen to Christmas music, chances are there’s at least one song that you would not usually tolerate, but you listen to during the holidays. You know the song really stinks, but something compels you to listen to it anyway. The songs are fun, but annoying. I bet everyone reading this can name at least one of these songs.

Maybe these songs are a novelty song, or maybe these songs are a cheap audio trick. Maybe the song is done by a popular artists, but extremely cheesy. Heck – maybe the song isn’t that annoying to anyone but you! Everyone has their own tastes after all. Yet like a train wreck, we have to listen to these songs. Like a moth to a flame, or a bad writer to a cliche. Sometimes we listen to these songs on repeat, sometimes just once a season. 

This is my list of these songs. We have cheap audio tricks, like the Chipmunks. We have novelty songs like “Snoopy vs The Red Baron.” We have songs I hate, yet must listen such as “Little Saint Nick” and “Santa Baby.” Baby, it might be cold outside, but this playlist will give you a holly Jolly Christmas. After all, we need a little Christmas. 

Feliz Navidad, Mele kalikimaka, and Merry Christmas. I hope this playlist helps you deal with the craziness of the season. 

Fun but annoying

There’s more fun and annoying Christmas songs coming!

Tomorrow, I’ll be publishing a list of songs that have made my “Holiday Hall of Shame.” While there’s certainly some crossover with this fun but annoying Christmas song list, you’ll also see see some songs that aren’t on this list. For instance, I take the gloves off and knock “Christmas Shoes” into next year. Seriously – that’s not only the worst Christmas song ever, but it’s also a human rights violation! I’m pretty sure it was mentioned by name in the Geneva Convention! But I digress…

My point being – this is going to be fun! Still – that’s not the only fun we’ll have this week. On, I published a story of how the White Stag  / Portland, Oregon sign got it’s red nose! It’s a fun ride to put you in the Christmas spirit. Also, on Christmas Eve, I’ll be publishing my very last holiday playlist for the year – one focusing more on the sacred and the beautiful music we hear this time of year. I suppose that playlist will be the antithesis of a fun but annoying Christmas song playlist.

Finally – if you’ve missed any of my Christmas related posts, I’ve made it really easy to find them all. Just click “Holiday Fun!” in the hamburger menu on the top left of this page. All the playlists, and all the articles will appear, as if by magic! 

Merry Christmas! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and on Christmas Eve!

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